What is Ratefor?

It is a system that compares the rates displayed to the end-user on 18 online sales channels for properties and agencies and reports them according to the number of people and date range instantly and on one screen. 

With RateFor, you can optimize your own rates by analyzing the rates of competing properties in your region on online sales channels. With RateFor, you can view which rooms of your property are sold, on which platform and at what rate in real-time, and ensure rate parity. 

Online Travel Agencies

Access the instant and weekly rates of 18 online sales channels

Rating Channels

You can sort the properties by their ratings

Channel Report

The channel report shows the rates of your property and the competing properties on the online channels that you choose. You can create the channel report in 5 different currencies as well as the date and number of people. One of the most important features of the channel report is that you can sort increasing-decreasing rates for a specific property or channel. You can also sort the properties by their ratings on the rating channels that you choose. You can share your report in 3 different formats or print out directly.

Kanal Raporu

Online Channels Rate Report

Haftalık Rapor

Online Channels Weekly Rate Report

Weekly Report

With the weekly report, you can report the 7-day rates of your property and competing properties on 1 online sales channel of your choice. You can create the weekly report in 5 different currencies as well as the date and number of people. You can also sort the properties by their ratings on the rating channels that you choose. You can share your report in 3 different formats or print out directly.


Occupancy Rate

This is a private and secure data area for your property where you can create a graph by submitting the Revenue Management information of your property. You can make ADR (Average Daily Rate), RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room), and Occupancy Rate reports and graphs by submitting your secured data in this field.

Doluluk Analizi

RevPar, ADR and OCC Reports


System Advantages

Mobile Compatibility

Provides reporting from anywhere with mobile compatibility

Reporting Speed

Reporting of online rates of your competitors and your property in minutes

Labor Saving

Allows you to devote the time and effort you spend on competitor rate analysis to your other work

Web-Based Usage

Opportunity to use anywhere with an internet

Rating Analysis

Reporting of property ratings on the platforms like Tripadvisor, Booking.com, and Otelpuan.com

Multiple Reporting Formats

It offers the opportunity to share your reports in three different formats


Properties and Agencies

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the most important feature of RateFor for my business?

It allows you to optimize your rates instantly or seasonally by reporting the rates of the competing properties in your region, on all online channels instantly or by date range.

How is it different from rate comparison platforms?

Platforms like Trivago and Neredekal.com are designed for the end-user, not for businesses. They compare the rates of a single property on all the platforms it is contracted. RateFor is a system where you can reach the rates of more than one property on all important online sales channels.

Which category do the rates belong to, how should I analyze them?

The rates shown to you first are the standard room rates of property on online channels. You can reach the discount rate and all other rates of a property additionally.

Is the information provided to me on the reporting screen only limited to rates?

No, you can report the rates of your property and competing properties on all platforms in seconds, view your competitors’ ratings on the most popular rating sites, and their pricing tables.

Is this system designed for large businesses?

No. This software has been designed to suit each segment to support the software currently used by large businesses and to have a great impact on the analysis and pricing planning of small and medium businesses.

I can't always be present at my business, how can this system help me?

One of the most important features of RateFor is its mobile compatibility. With this compatibility, you can instantly check the reports on your mobile phone.

Can I try the system for free?

Of course, you can reach us via our website or by phone. As soon as your property analysis is complete, your 3-day trial account will be created.


Can I see the rates and occupancies of competitors at the same time?

Yes, but for this, you will need to share the same information of your property too. Our goal is to enable other businesses to share this information with each other in line with the necessary confidentiality protocols and to analyze them with historical reporting.

Why would I share the occupancy and daily income of my business with you?

The primary purpose of this is to provide you with information that you cannot report with your property’s current operating systems and help you shape your planning. Thus, you can compare the average sales rate and occupancy of your property on the same date last year according to this year. You can even do this on a weekly basis to determine your business’s rate cycle over a one-year period and make your seasonal planning.

 If you also share this information with other properties, you can improve your sales and marketing strategy by making periodic rate and occupancy analyzes of other properties.

What are the pricing criteria?

The pricing is shaped by the number of online channels and the number of competing properties that your business wants to analyze. In addition, it varies by the ability to view a broader date range, the number of rating channels, the number of sub-users, and the number of reports.


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